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Residential HVAC Services

If you've ever experienced the merciless summers or harsh winters of Las Vegas, there is no need to explain the importance of an HVAC system. Keeping your heating & cooling systems functioning smoothly is vital to your comfort and to your happiness. At Cool Concepts Inc., we are the local experts in heating, cooling, and duct cleaning, and can help you make sure that you can keep your home comfortable without having to break that bank.
Air Conditioning Controller - Heating and Cooling Services in Las Vegas, NV


Heating systems are complex, and if you want to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your heater, we can help. At Cool Concepts Inc. we specialize in installation, maintenance, and repair of both furnaces and heat pumps. Call us today for your heating needs or to speak to a representative about your options.

Air Conditioning

Summer temperatures in Las Vegas can be brutal. However, with a properly functioning air conditioner, even the most extreme temperatures become manageable. While there are numerous HVAC companies who can install AC systems for you, no two companies are alike, and you will want a company that can help you keep the temperature low and the prices even lower. When select Cool Concepts Inc., you are choosing a company with a history of integrity who wont try to up-sell products for a quick profit. Don't trust your personal comfort with just any company, pick the experienced and honest choice.

Duct Cleaning

The air quality of your home can be improved with professional air duct cleaning. Certain environmental factors can cause dirt, pollen, or other debris can build up in your ducts. In even more severe cases, mold can begin to grow causes a health hazard and damage to your home. At Cool Concepts Inc., we perform a thorough cleaning of your ducts including your coils and central systems to improve the quality of the air you breath. Call us today to learn about our duct cleaning and ask us for a free estimate.

Residential HVAC Brands

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